• Passion is everything

    Passion is everything

    Ionut working on a project in his home-made electronic laboratory.

  • Ionut was awarded US $75,000

    Ionut was awarded US $75,000

    Ionut won the Gordon E. Moore Award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2013, in Phoenix, USA.

  • Ionut's greatest satisfaction is to use his knowledge to develop software

    Ionut's greatest satisfaction is to use his knowledge to develop software

    Ionut has been working on more than 50 software- and electronic projects.


Singularity University GSP Global Solutions Program impressions

I have just finished the three months Singularity University Global Solutions Program held in Silicon Valley at NASA Moffett Research Park. It has been a long time since I wrote something on my personal blog. The reason why I coudln’t find time to write on my blog is determined by the fact I have been working on building a new startup from scratch. This time, the new startup is a web platform and it is called (temporarly) SkyHub . SkyHub is a forum platform to connect people world wide by allowing them to discuss on new forums technology adapted to the year of 2016. I have been mostly working on SkyHub – the new project of mine during the Singularty University GSP Global Solutions Program. SkyHub was not launched yet and it will still take me at least one month to launch it to the public.

Alexandru Budisteanu opening ceremony Singulartity University

Alexandru Budisteanu opening ceremony Singulartity University

First time, when I heared about Singularity University and the GSP – Global Solutions Program was during INK Talks 2015, in Mumbai, India where everybody was talking about Singulartity University at the conference. I knew a lot about Ray Kurzweil, especially the fact that I got invited by Paralela 45, a Romanian book publisher who translated a few books of Ray in Romanian, and they invited me to talk about two of Ray’s books at Gaudeamus – Romanian biggest book exhibition. So in December last year, I surfed on the internet to read more about SU and this made me to decide to apply for it. I have applied in February-March (I don’t remember exactly) and I got an email in April for a video interview. I did an informal video interview with Nik Giatis and in May I got accepted by SU with a full scholarship offered by Google that worth 35,000 USD. This year, Singularity University hosted 79 guys from 30+ countries to attend the Global Solutions Program and to learn about exponential technologies. It has been a nice 3 months summer camp being hosted at NASA Moffett Research Park in Mountain View and I can only appreciate the Singularity University stuff who was super friendly and helpful for us.

In the first day when I arrived at the Singularity University, I met my SU buddy who is Sourav Sinha – a great guy and entrepeneur passionated about space and medicine who works for a VC firm in Boston.

Edwin Arturo Rivas working alongside with me on Yooly SkyHub

Edwin Arturo Rivas working alongside with me on Yooly – SkyHub. The system (laptop+monitor) is mine.

After 4-5 weeks of lessons about new hot technologies, we have to form small teams and create projects at SU. I was and I am still passionated about building a web social platform and that’s is the reason why I searched to form a team working on a web platform that belives in web technologies can scale up very fast. Also I started working on SkyHub only 2 weeks before I arrived at Singularity University.  After searching a long time for my teammates, at Singularty University, I met Edwin Arturo Rivas who become one of my best friends. Both of us worked like crazy during the Global Solutions Program on a social platform called Yooly which can be described as a SkyHub for building communities that seek solutions for big challenges. I really appreciate Edwin for his dedication and energy spent on working with me and Carolina on Yooly. I learned a lot from Edwin especially of how to release a web platform in order to gain the network effect. I am not sure, if I will be able to replicate the network effect process, but definitely I will try it multiple times because I trully believe in social platforms. We were so obsessed with the idea of building a new social platform that we slept in the last 30 days in the office every night in bean bags, watched the movie The Social Network at least 20 times and become experts at foosball. SU didn’t appreciate Yooly or SkyHub much because unfortunately they don’t have a clear vision about power of web platforms and they don’t understand how web platforms have a real impact on the the world. They are more interested on human compelling projects.

Singularity University Global Solutions Program 2016

Singularity University Global Solutions Program 2016

After the program was finished, me, Edwin and Sourav spent 3-4 extra days in Mountain View and San Francisco and definitely we become the best friends ever, exactly like in the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots except we didn’t have Chatur ‘Silencer’ Ramalingam.

Singularity University is a very nice place to be, an excellent informal education school to discover exponential technologies, but unfortunately they are not really focused on web – software. I hope we will make a major reunion after 10 years.




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