• Passion is everything

    Passion is everything

    Ionut working on a project in his home-made electronic laboratory.

  • Ionut was awarded US $75,000

    Ionut was awarded US $75,000

    Ionut won the Gordon E. Moore Award at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2013, in Phoenix, USA.

  • Ionut's greatest satisfaction is to use his knowledge to develop software

    Ionut's greatest satisfaction is to use his knowledge to develop software

    Ionut has been working on more than 50 software- and electronic projects.


Cisco Live Berlin Exhibition

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu exhibition Cisco Live Berlin VisionBot

Ionut Alexandru Budisteanu presenting VisionBot at the Cisco Live Berlin exhibition 

In Lisbon, last year we got a special prize from Cisco at the Junior Achievement  European Enterprise Challenge. The Technopreneurship award from Cisco is a chance to exhibit your product in one of their exhibitions over the world. I could choose to exhibit in one of their 5 different location from November to February 2016. Unfortunately it was quite a huge problem to pick a location, because I had college exams and a lot of activities with my hardware startup  VisionBot and also other activities in Bucharest. In one, maximum two weeks we will ship our first international unit to United Kingdom. I choose to exhibit in the Cisco Live! Berlin in February because it was just 2 days after all the theoretical exams I had to take.

For the exhibition, I prepared a VisionBot rollup. Initially, I planned to exhibit one live VisionBot machine to our Cisco Live booth, but after some calculations I understood it was not very profitable for us due the fact we had a shared booth with shifts.  Also the logistics to exhibit a such machine are very complex even for a  25 kg machine. Although most of the companies were in the hardware business, the business people were not interested in affordable PnP machines for their companies because they could buy professional and expensive robots and not a 3000 USD PnP machine. Definitely, I would be more than interested and happy to exhibit VisionBot SMT Pick and Place Machines in a maker fair or to an electronic exhibition. Summing up, the Cisco Live Berlin was interesting and the most important lesson I learned at Cisco Live was that if you give something free in your exhibition booth you will have far more interested people asking about your product.




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